Horse Mortality

Also sometimes referred to as “Full Mortality” or “All Risks Mortality,” this policy reimburses you the Agreed Value in the event your horse dies, is stolen, develops severe ataxia (loss of coordination) or is humanely destroyed (if a veterinarian determines your horse should be euthanized for humane reasons as defined in the policy).

Mare Fertility/Reproduction

There are two primary types of coverage related to a mare’s inability to produce a foal: Prospective Foal Policy and Conception and Prospective Foal Policy.

Loss of Use

There are two Loss of Use endorsements which can supplement the Full Mortality policy: Full Loss of Use and External Injury Loss of Use.

Major Medical

Essentially health insurance for your horse, this “endorsement” (basically an “amendment”) to the Full Mortality policy reimburses you up to $10,000 for fees associated with surgery or medical expenses.

Stallion Sub-Fertility/Infertility

There are two primary types of coverage related to stallion fertility: First Season Infertility (“FSI”) and Accident, Sickness or Disease ("ASD").