Also sometimes referred to as “Full Mortality” or “All Risks Mortality,” this policy reimburses you the Agreed Value in the event your horse dies, is stolen, develops severe ataxia (loss of coordination) or is humanely destroyed (if a veterinarian determines your horse should be euthanized for humane reasons as defined in the policy).

The policy covers all causes of death, theft, severe ataxia and humane destruction that are not specifically excluded. Subject to a veterinary examination (or a Declaration of Health for horses valued $25,000 or less), coverage is available for any horse between the ages of 24 hours and 18 years (and we will consider coverage for horses up to age 26).

The most common causes of death (and humane destruction) include fractures, complications from colic and laminitis, but there are countless accidents, illnesses and diseases that can unexpectedly take your horse’s life. Nothing will replace your love for a horse, but Full Mortality insurance is essential if you want to protect your investment. If you are shopping different prices for Full Mortality coverage, it is vitally important that you understand exactly what you are purchasing and how you will be treated in the event of a loss. Do not be afraid to ask your agent for a copy of the policy language before you bind coverage. To see a summary of the advantages of our Full Mortality coverage, click on the following link: NAS Full Mortality Policy Advantages.