There are two primary types of coverage related to stallion fertility.

  • First Season Infertility (“FSI”) – this policy reimburses you the Agreed Value when a stallion in his first breeding season is unable to achieve a satisfactory conception rate (usually 60%) from his booked mares. If you are considering this coverage for your stallion, please call us prior to the stallion’s first breeding season to discuss your options and how the coverage operates.
  • Accident, Sickness or Disease (“ASD”) – this endorsement to a Full Mortality or FSI policy reimburses you the Agreed Value when a stallion or stallion prospect becomes permanently and totally impotent, infertile or incapable of breeding due to an accident, sickness or disease suffered during the policy period.

A stallion or a stallion prospect can often incur an injury, sickness or disease which does not result in death or require humane destruction. However, the injury, sickness or disease could render the stallion permanently infertile, impotent or incapable of breeding mares. Common examples include permanent damage to the stallion’s genitalia resulting from the kick of another horse, permanent infertility due to a venereal disease or a physical injury that permanently prevents the stallion from mounting a mare.